Haight Pumps - Gear Pump Manufacturer

Haight Pumps: Gear Pump Manufacturer

For over seventy years, Haight has been providing industry with simple, rugged and dependable internal gear pump manufacturing.

These pumps are built on the proven reliability of the "gear within a gear design", which Haight (gear pump manufacturer) pioneered. This simple concept results in a stronger pump with fewer parts.

This gear design also functions exceptionally well at standard motor speeds in close-coupled mounting arrangements. This eliminates both the need for a gear reducer, and misalignment problems.

Haight's (gear pump manufacturer) Universal design series offers unparalled flexibility to engineer a "custom" pump from standard components eliminating excessive cost and leadtime.


Corporate Commitment to Excellence

As a member of the Baker Manufacturing Co., our customers benefit from our

* Metallurgical expertise available from our own foundry

* Premier research and development capability, including an on-site engineering staff

* 70 years of technical applications knowledge

* Our combined expertise means we can offer you a customized response to both your operational needs and cost requirements.



"Haight Pump provides us the design flexibility and features we need to meet our customers application demands. They consistently meet our demanding lead-time and delivery requirements."

Harvey R. Schade, President
Como Industrial Equipment, Inc.

"We have been able to develop a product partnership with Haight Pump that truly enhances our ability to compete in the market."

Ted Bethke, Purchasing Manager
Prince Castle, Inc.

"Dollar for Dollar, Haight Pump provides the industry with the most quality fluid handling equipment money can buy. Superior American made product."

Jeff Allen, Sales Manager
Depco Pump

"For over 30 years we have been using Haight Pumps in the manufacturing of our filtration systems. Haight's willingness to meet our needs and staff makes them a great company to work with."

Harvard Corporation

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