HZ Series Nickel Aluminum Bronze Centrifugal Pump

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Nickel Aluminum Bronze

HZ Series Nickel Aluminum Bronze Centrifugal Pump

Key features of the HZ Series Centrifugal Pumps

     -  Rugged heavy-duty industrial design with 150 lb flat caced flanged connections

     -  High efficiencies and mechanical seal options; vent and drain taps are optional

     -  Close Coupled or frame mounted design

     -  Maximum flow rate of 1600 gpm 

     -  Maximum Head 375 ft 

      - Excellent lead times

In addition to exceptional corrosion resistance, Nickel Aluminum Bronze offers:

  • * Resists erosive wear due to the high velocities developed by the rotating impeller
  • * Resists the immense stress incurred during a cavitating condition
  • * Resists fouling which can reduce efficiency and promote a more severe crevice corrosion attack

All the Nickel Aluminum Bronze pumps that Haight offers, HK, and HZ Series, have ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) type approval.

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