Hot Oil Gear Pumps

Since 1972, Haight Pump has earned a well deserved reputation for our expertise in this highly competitive market. With over 30 years experience supplying equipment that meets the design and performance criteria for an astounding variety of customers, Haight can help you meet your performance goals.  Haight's versatility, durable construction, competitive price, and outstanding lead times have proven a winning combination in hundreds of thousands of commercial kitchens, stores, and factories throughout the world

Haight's Hot Oil pumps offer:

  • A proven selection of different internal gear designs, each optimized for specific operating characteristics, and NSF approved
  • Multiple flow rates to match your application's capacity
  • Motor variations with UL, CSA, or CE approval to meet your applications specifications
  • Haight excels in adapting our product to fit your special design challenges
  • Product warranty is second to none.

Industries served:

  • Fast Food Restaurant
  • Casual and Elite Restaurant
  • Bakeries
  • Donut Makers
  • Snack food production

External Gear Pumps

View Haight Pumps' 5 GPM External Gear Pump and our 8 GPM External Gear Pump

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