Gear Pump Features

Haight Gear Pumps are self-priming and will develop up to 27" of vacuum. NOTE: depending upon actual application conditions, it is sound engineering practice to keep vacuum to a minimum.

Although suction conditions are a factor in determining pump speed, normally for liquids with viscosity's over 2000 SSU, reduced speeds and larger line sizes are recommended to avoid cavitation and diminished pump capacity.

Capacity Range 1 GPM to 80 GPM
Viscosity Range 32 SSU to 500,000 SSU
Pressure Range:
  Non Lubricating
100 PSI
Temperature Rating -80°F to 620°F*


Bearings: Grammix iron bearings are standard.

Following are optional:

DU- Used mainly for higher pressures (above 100 psi.) or where little lubrication is available.

Carbon Graphite - Standard bearings in corrosion resistant gear pumps. Used in standard construction for higher temperatures, solvents, or acid pumping when standard bearings aren't compatible.

Bronze - Cost effective self-lubricating material for pressures below 150 PSI.

Seals: Buna-N lip seal is standard.

Following are optional:

Viton Lip Seal - Suitable for temperatures to 400oF and some solvents and acids.

Teflon Packing - Used for higher temperatures and liquids which are not compatible with either Viton or Buna N.

Grafoil Packing - Suitable for use with heat transfer fluids to 585oF.

Mechanical Seals - John Crane type 21 with Buna-N, Viton, EPR, or neoprene elastomers. John Crane type 9 available with Teflon or Kalraz sealing elements for high temperature. Type 2 or Type 2B available for pressures exceeding 250 PSI.*

Mounting Configurations:

Bedplate, close-coupled, and hub mount are standard configurations.

Special designs available upon request.

Outboard Ball Bearing: Used to provide extra stability for belt drive or PTO assemblies.

Rotor Gears: Cast iron rotor is standard.

Following is optional:

Delrin - Used with non-lubricating liquids, where noise reduction is desirable, or with abrasive fluids as a sacrificial member.

Teflon - Alternative material for highly corrosive liquids which are not compatible with Delrin.

Ni-Resist #2 - Used in standard construction with mildly corrosive liquids.

*High temperature/high pressure applications: require substantially more documentation than normal applications (400oF and/or 150psi). Haight has a number of possible solutions available to meet your specific requirements, which can be easily added to our Ductile Iron Universal pump design.

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