Filtration System Gear Pumps

Are contaminated fluids, poor suction conditions, intermittent remote operation, severe usage, and difficult operating environments a problem? Haight Pumps personnel have worked "hand-in-hand" with customers for decades to design, and build pumps that thrive in these challenging conditions.

Haight Pumps:

  • Increase pump service life in abrasive applications with optional "hatrided" or "extra hard" design
  • Reduce assembly problems associated with mounting and alignment with our close-coupled mounting design
  • Reduce time required for either manufacturing or maintenance with simplified pump/piping feature
  • Improve flexibility and versatility with the optional, externally adjustable, internal relief valve.
  • Extend service life and eliminate external piping for continuous operation with an optional internal seal flush design
  • Reduce maintenance time for seal adjustment and replacement with a screw-on seal casing
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