BS60U Barrier Seal Pump

Capacity range is: 
Not Available
Construction Material: 
Ductile Iron
Capacity (max): 
60 gpm
Discharge Pressure (max): 
250 psi
620 degrees F

BS60U - Barrier Seal Gear Pump

Haight's revolutionary new Barrier Seal design provides a simple, flexible, and effective method of both monitor and contain shaft seal leaks.

BS60U Barrier Seal Pump Features

  • * Barrier Fluid Ring rotates through 360° to readily meet various flushing arrangements.
  • * Inner housing simply screws onto the DIU Series housings and seals with dependable captured static o-ring seal.
  • * Large nut end cap design allows for easy access for maintenance, and adjustment of the Barrier Fluid Ring.
  • * Sealed, lubricated, radial bearing provides shaft stability and ensures proper alignment for the seals.
  • * Hardened, precision ground, stress proof steel shaft provides years of dependable service even under the most demanding service.
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